Sunday, September 14, 2008

What I have learned

1) To speak up and tell my doctors what I expect them to do, instead of waiting on them to tell me what is going on.
2) What to say and not say to a person who is grieving especially with a miscarriage. Some of the worst ones:
It was God's plan.
-So you are telling me that God does not want me to be a mother or that God intended for my baby to die.
Everything happens for a reason.
-Say this to someone after the reason comes along, not before.
Kids are annoying you don't want one any way.
-I am sure I do not need not explain why that one upsets me.
3) To pursue what I want and not wait for a right time.
4) That my husband is the best man alive.
5) I want to start a support group for other woman going through this. I feel like most women get this life devastating news and are just home to deal with it themselves and that is terrible.

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