Friday, August 27, 2010

1 year old!!??

I have the uncontrollable urge to write a blog post about Aiden turning one.

But, it is hard to write a blog post when you have so many different feelings. Maybe a list will help...
I feel:
1) Pride- watching my son grow from the minute he was born to a year is amazing. You can't help but wonder about all of the wonderful possibilities life holds for him.

2) Relief- I made it through the sleepless nights, teething, infant reflux, RSV, Hand/Foot/Mouth Virus (3 times), all the while moving to a different state, quitting my job, and completing my master's degree. But, we made it through it all and really, all of those things are nothing when it really comes down to it.

3) Fear- Will we raise him to be a great man? Will we raise him to be a good person? Will we make it through the rough teenage years in one piece? How will we take it when he gets hurt, the kind of hurt that really affects who you are and who you become?

4) Excitement- Each day is exciting with Aiden and how much more excitement lays ahead?

5) Sadness- My baby is growing up...enough said.

Pictures from his birthday party