Thursday, April 23, 2009

And God grants us humility

I have noticed that when I get really down on certain areas of my life, God has a way of granting me humility and making me realize that everything is just as it should be. I have been very negative about teaching recently. Everyone at school was getting on my nerves and I was not looking forward to going to work at all. Today, one of my co-workers emailed me about an after-school club that she runs at my school in conjuction with the local church. She told me that every meeting the students make prayer requests. And she thought I would like to see the list for Wednesday afternoon. It said "Several kids requested that we pray for Mrs. T because she is pregnant." I was so glad that I read the prayer request at home because the tears just streamed down my face. After I told a friend about this she told me that the same thing will happen when Aiden arrives. She said there are times she gets so mad or frustrated at her kids, and God reminds her what all she has to be thankful for.

He he

I was told by a close friend that I could not have such happy go lucky posts about Aiden and have the blog title: Bitter Party of One. So until I come up with a better title we are now: Bitter Party of Two! He he...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're having a boy!

Yipee! We are so excited. We found out last week at our ultrasound and his name will be Aiden Hamilton. I am kind of a fuddy-duddy about my ultrasound pics and I don't think I want to post them. I mean the thought of my uterus being posted on the internet send shivers down my spine. So, unless you are a close friend you probably won't see them. I may change my mind as time goes on, we will see.

I began looking at day cares this week. This is not the fun task that most things involving this pregnancy are. I can't imagine having to hand my baby off to a stranger after only 8 weeks of time in this world. I am going back out today to look at more, and hopefully I will have a better attitude than I did yesterday.

My DH had never really read my blog before so I sent him the link so he could look at it. He came home that evening and said "we need to talk about your blog". I am sitting there going "I haven't said anything bad about him, what is his problem?" He then says, "I looked at Amy's and hers is much better than yours. She has videos and all kinds of stuff." My DH is a silly jokester, so this is not at all out of character.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our sweet potato

This is an awfully weird looking sweet potato. Anywho, I am feeling a lot more movement recently and baby T even woke me up in the middle of the night moving. It is such a surreal experience to feel your child growing inside of you. We bought a gender neutral stroller this week and that was our first big baby purchase. It was very exciting! We bought it because it was on super sale.

Now, the important news: I go in on Thursday for our big ultrasound to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Jay and I are very anxious to find out. We also prayed this morning for the health of baby T this week at our ultrasound. But, do not expect to find out what we are having on Thursday. We are going to have the ultrasound tech write down the sex on a card and seal it. We are then going to go home and open it with our family over Easter weekend. We can't wait! I just hope that Jay does not torture me with the card.

Here is a pic of my belly from this week: