Saturday, November 10, 2012

I got a medal!

I was so nervous this morning getting ready for my half marathon. Yes, I have trained since August. Yes, I have run 12 miles. But 13.1? Nope I have not done that. You see when training for a race the idea is you train to a mileage that is super close to the race day mileage but you save the big miles for race day. I got downtown and parking was a disaster. I got the car parked and the porta potty line was ridiculous. So I held it. Bad idea for a mommy of two in 40 degree weather , no? So I started the race. What excitement, exhilaration and bladder pain. There were so many inspirational moments along the race today. Our course runs past a large senior living facility. It was so sweet to see them lined up on the race course cheering us on. The sign that read "the faster you run, the faster you brunch". The moment I ran over the 10k mark and knew the MMP and Jay were getting a text. Then Rhianna's Umbrella song came on my iPod and I felt my best friends with me. It's our official/unofficial song. The couple I saw that located each other and gave each other a kiss. The little girl who was so excited to see her mommy on the race course. The kids on the street stopped with their hands out for you to high five them. The friends who wore shirts that read "it's all about the sticker". It is indeed all about the sticker and the medal. The sign that made me laugh said "run faster i just tooted". A very special thank you to Lady Gaga, who arrived on my iPod around mile 12 when I needed her the most. The two moments I will never forget... Seeing my family moments before I crossed the finish line and Aiden saying "congratulations mommy" which indeed made this mommy cry. I had so much support while training. My husband who cheered me on and watched the kids every Saturday morning. My MMP who asked and supported me throughout the entire training. My sister in law who wrote me a very inspirational card this week and sent a gift card for Krispy Kreme :) along with some awesome running clothes for my birthday. And without further ado...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

My candidate won! yay!

Dear Republicans,
Stop. Stop assuming that the US is comprised of middle aged white men. Stop hoping that you can win a presidential election with projections that African Americans and Hispanics won't vote. Stay out if my uterus. Give homosexuals the right to marry. Your tax plans and debt reduction and plans for small businesses mean very little to me when you can't treat everyone in this nation with respect. Stop saying things like you don't care about the 47% and that a woman's body can prevent pregnancy during a legitimate rape. And of course I believe that not all republicans believe these things. However, I have read more discriminatory, racist and hateful rhetoric coming from republicans recently than I ever want to experience again. This a changing nation. You need to change your party.