Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our little man

Introducing our little man. He is so amazing and we love spending every waking moment with him. Even some of the moments that occur at 3am are so precious. It is funny how someone who has only been on Earth for three weeks can have a personality, but he does. He loves to be held and rocked. He doesn't like to nap during the day, he will fight it until his body hits his swing. When he wakes up he throws both hands above his head and stretches. He doesn't like to be cold and therefore hates to have his clothes changed and even his diaper.

I am attempting to take everyone's advice and cherish every moment right now, because he is only this young once. I am also so thankful that God has led us to Richmond, VA. It is giving me the oppurtunity to spend as much time with him during his first year of life as possible. I would have never done that had God not intervened in our plan.

Here are some more pictures....