Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blessings Time

I saw this on a fellow nesties blog. She does a blessing post every week on Sunday. I am going to try to take on that tradition since all of my posts seem to be negative.

I am blessed because:

* I have a husband who is amazing and will listen when I complain, cry, shout or any emotion I have at that moment. He does not judge me, he just supports me.

* I have a best friend that will always be there for me. She is an amazing, caring, loyal person. She is my rock.

* I have the best mutt dogs a girl could ask for. They are stinky and stupid, but they are mine and they are the best.

* I am fortunate that DH has an amazing job that provides for us basic necessities and a lot more.

* That my MIL is healthy following her kidney transplant last year.

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Crysbena said...

This is a great idea!