Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspired by a friend

A friend of mine recently posted her memories of the day her little girl was born. I loved reading it so much that I decided to get mine posted in my blog too. And remember, it may not be for the faint of know I am not modest.

I went to my regular scheduled weekly appointment on Monday, August 25, 2009. The dr. believed Aiden had an exceptionally large head so he scheduled an induction for that Thursday morning. I went home so excited that by Friday I would be a mother. That evening was like any other. Dinner with Jay, kiss goodnight at 9pm, Jay stayed downstairs and watched TV like he always does while I went to bed. About 30 minutes after I went to bed I awoke feeling like I had use the restroom. I got up, tried to use the restroom, and laid back down. Then I felt it immediately again, I HAD to use the bathroom. Nothing. I walked back to the bedroom and my water broke in transit. For those of youthat have not experienced your water breaking let me tell you, there are more fluids than you could imagine. I looked down and I was sure it was my water breaking. I yelled "Jay" and he came running upstairs. I told him my water broke. He then began to run around the room in the cute way that you only see on TV. I remember being as calm as could be and watching him do circles around the room trying to find jeans that were right in front of him, all the while he was grinning from ear to ear. I made him go get me a towel to sit on in the car on the way to the hospital (again the fluids). He came back with a towel that was in his Scout and had pollen pods all over it. Really? Only my husband.

We got checked into labor and delivery and my water had been constantly breaking for about 45 minutes. One nurse came in and said "We are going to check to see if your water actually broke and if it didn't we will see you back here on Thursday." I thought I was going to throw the little lady out the window. In my head I am saying "I haven't gone through three pairs of pants peeing on myself". The contractions were bearable at first and then they came strong, hard, and quick. I asked for the epidural when the dr. came to visit me. He told me that I wasn't officially checked in to the hospital yet and they were waiting for that to be complete before I could get the epi. I asked "At what point will you not give it to me? How far along?" His exact words were "This is your first pregnancy, you will be in labor for a long time, we have plenty of time before that happens."

So to recap: 9pm- water broke 10:30- ask for epi 11:30-finally get epi

At 11:50 Jay goes to get food and right after he leaves they check me and I was fully dilated. So I call Jay and tell him to come back. By 3:08 our lives had changed forever. As soon as Aiden arrived I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Jay went over to the table while they cleaned him up and I asked over and over again "Is he ok?" I remember when I was pregnant wondering if it would take time for me to bond with Aiden before I felt totally in love with him. It is amazing how you automatically and overwhelmingly love this little person with every fiber of yourself. Over the next few days I would sit and gaze in amazement at this little creation. I was so scared to take him home. Scared I would hurt him accidently or not know what to do.

I still find myself gazing at him. He is the most amazing little man I could imagine. Every day with him is a wonderful gift from God. Jay and I have never been happier. I love being a mom! he is now almost 5 months old and growing up too fast. I am trying to cherish each precious moment of rocking, holding, smiling and cooing.

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Catherine Anne said...

I loved reading your story!!! That is something you will never forget and I can remember mine/Luke's as well. What great memories!