Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Aiden,

You are the most amazing little man. I never thought someone so tiny could hold my heart the way you do. Anything is possible for you in your life.
I hope that you never loose the smile you have now. You are very happy most of the time and love smiling. When you smile you can change the mood in the room instantly.
I hope you never loose your active behavior. Yesterday at the pediatrician you were labeled a "wiggler". I hope you keep that active lifestyle forever and turn it into something that you enjoy doing.
You love to cuddle. I hope that one day when you fall in love and marry an amazing woman that you still love to cuddle. I hope that you love her the way your daddy loves me. Laugh with her when she says something stupid and hold her hand and cry with her if you ever have your dreams shattered.
I hope you continue to love animals. You sit there and watch our dogs as they walk from room to room.
You love being naked. That is fine right now. When you are a teenager, I hope you love clothes.

You are so much like me already it scares me. You rub your feet together the same way I do. You hate taking naps like me. You expect things done immediately like I do. I hope you don't end up with my temper. Sometimes, I wish you were more like your dad. I hope as your personality comes out, I see some of his personality in you. He is a great man.

I hope that I teach you how important family is. Gigi and Pops did a great job with daddy and Aunt Kelly and they know how important family is. Daddy still loves to go home and see Gigi. I hope you love to come home and see me as much.
Make sure you love with all of your heart. You will get your heart broken many times. But, always love and don't be afraid to love.
I love you and can't wait to see you grow up.

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Jaimie Lee Reda said...

Good Advice. I hope he likes clothes as he grows too, or else Auntie Jaimie is going to have some words with my man A. :]