Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dough pâté

You see Aiden's preschool teacher does a reward system called "friendly fish". When she catches the kids doing something nice and friendly, they earn a plastic fish and once the class earns enough fish they get a prize. Aiden came home with play dough on Monday. Except it is from the dollar store and says dough pâté on the tub. Finding humor in little things like this, I have walked around all week talking about playing with dough pâté. Sounds fancy and French, right? Well this morning, we were sitting at the kitchen table and I said "Rory, would you like to see the dough pâté?" And Aiden says "No mommy! That is MY dough pâté!!" I thought I would die of laughter. I even have Aiden calling it dough pâté. Good stuff.

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Jaimie Lee Moore said...

I need a video of Aiden calling it dough pâté -- ASAP. :)