Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Third Birthday Aiden!

I am in shock that I have a three year old. It seems like just yesterday that he was a baby. Over the past year he has accomplished so many things. Things that seem just so natural to adults, but turn a toddler's world upside down. He moved into his new big boy bedroom and out of the crib. He became potty trained. And the biggest change of all, he became a big brother! He is a wonderful big brother. It took some warming up to her. His personality is like his father's. He must get to know you and trust you, then he will move mountains for you. He loves his little sister very much and always worries if she is fed, dry and happy. Jay and I have been told in the past "I love Rory the most". Aiden is all boy. Rough, dirty, stinky, he does NOT stop moving, and he is lacking in personal hygiene skills. But as his mother I take his punches, comb his hair through the screams, and kiss his stinky fungus feet when he stumps his toes. Because all of those traits make me love him more (though admittedly, they sometimes drive me crazy). He still loves all forms of transportation. Cars, trains, trucks, airplanes and boats. I remember thinking when I was pregnant with Aiden, that my son would not fall into traditional gender roles. I quickly realized before his first birthday that I was delusional, as he pointed at big tractor trailers on the road before he even uttered the words mama or dada. He is persistent. Always. Which at times gets him in to trouble. But I also hope that this persistent trait carries him far in life. He is independent. He could go for hours without knowing where his mommy and daddy are and be ok with it. At theme parks this is evident. Scares me half to death. I love to see your eyes light up when your read a book or I tell some exciting new information. You get super excited about the little things in life. Blue sprinkles, dollar tree trinkets, ice cream, leaves, trains, chips, taking a walk, splashing in puddles, flashlights, cupcakes, and cracking eggs. I could continue this list forever, because honestly most things make you happy. And you son, make me happy. I love you Aiden. Happy Birthday!

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