Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another incident report...#5678

So this week, I decided it was time for me to pick up the weights at the gym again. It will really help me with my running, make me gain muscle and most importantly I miss it. So I lifted weights on Tuesday. I squatted, did push ups, step ups, seated rows, and jackknifes. So Wednesday I was sore. My legs especially. Really sore. I tried to run it out. It helped a little. But I am walking around really stiff legged. Walking up stairs and bending down hurt. At this point you are like "what does this have to do with anything?" Don't worry..I am painting you a picture, people.

If you are a mom you know what I am about to refer to. If you are not a mom yet...listen, read, learn.

When you have a toddler, you have 2 options when entering a grocery store. 1) Put them on your hip, run in, get a few things, leave. 2) You put them in a buggy..which takes a ton of time to get them settled. They redirect...offer food...point out takes a ton of time..after that 15 minutes is over, you had better be in a for a long trip or else it isn't worth it.

Today I chose the hip/holding hand option and a basket.

Got meat from the deli..done..onto yogurt..."No Aiden, you can't run, hold mommy's hand"...

Then in as in a classic toddler video we plop down on the floor at the grocery store kicking, screaming, rubbing his back on the floor. 2 options again...let Aiden get Hepatitis B and C from the grocery store floor or pick him up..ok..
pick him up..ouch
drop basket..ouch
purse falls on floor...
get hit...
then a nice man comes over to help me pick up all my items as Aiden pulls my hair so hard it looks like I got a bad face lift.
Screw the yogurt...leave... with my head held high and old ladies giving the side eye. Stiff legged.

We go home. I go to the pantry to get out the bread for lunch and knock over a glass jar of salsa all over my foot, and pieces of glass fly everywhere.
"No Aiden, you can't play in the "chards o'glass salsa".

Now we begin to wail..

I pick up what is left of the jar and a toddler pulls and pushes on me to pick him up. I drop the jar for a second time. I let out a loud grunt.

Aiden decides mommy needs a time out...and leaves the room.

So my dear husband when you come home and wonder in your head (because you are so wonderful you would never say it aloud) why the house looks the way it does..I had 2 options during nap time 1) Take a shower and write this blog post 2) clean.


Amy said...

So what time did the wine get opened?

Jaimie Lee Reda said...

ha! this is a great post! :)