Wednesday, May 20, 2009

25 weeks

There is not much that the 2 people who read my blog don't already know.

1) Got pneumonia, because of fever got very dehydrated, because of dehydration started having contractions and spent 4 days in the hospital.

2) Put on bedrest for 2 weeks because of #1.

3) Aiden and myself are doing just fine.

Oh and I have my first shower on May 30th. I am super excited!

Here is a picture of Jay in our house on a normal basis now. Apparently he thinks it is cold in the house.

And here is a pic of me on the same day. (Notice what I am wearing). 25! My belly is getting big. It is hard to believe that I have less time being pregnant then the amount of time I have been pregnant. 15 weeks to go! I hope we have a cold snap.


gallerygirl said...

Your pic is great!! You look beautiful! Now take care of yourself- no more trips to the hospital for 15 weeks.

Josh and Leilani said...

Love it!!!!

Jaimie L. Reda said...

Awww. Jay. Haha. Too funny. Your belly is so big. I'm not gonna believe it when I see it next weekend. :-)

Amy said...

Wow Aiden is growing so big and strong! I'm so excited we are getting together soon.

Abbey said...

Wow! Kimmie you look great!

Catherine said...

You are absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see you on the 30th!

Lore B said...

See? More than 2 people! You look fantastic!